B2B MATCHMAKING is an important activity of VIETNAM HORECA DAY. Hundreds of one-to-one meetings will happen during the day to accelerate business cooperation among stakeholders in the industry. B2B MATCHMAKING is offered as complimentary for all participants to the Event.

Participation guidelines:

Free access for all VIETNAM HORECA DAY participants

The first step is to book your VIETNAM HORECA DAY ticket. Then you can express your interest of joining the B2B matchmaking by following the next steps.

Register on our B2B Matchmaking App.

Here is where we find matchmaking opportunities for you. Once you register on our app, you can see who else is joining the business party!

Get yourself one or more business deals

Meeting like-minded professionals, school, university, training organizations, or even investors, suppliers. Pitch yourself, your product or service offerings. Find your value proposition and present it to the relevant people.

Join the dedicated B2B Matchmaking Zone for full day!

Remember, talking is just as important as listening. Book your meetings and be on time.


Firstly, get your VIETNAM HORECA DAY 2020 registration confirmed, then signing on our B2B Matchmaking app. When you are in, you’ll see list of ones who are seeking for partners, too. Let’s check your interested ones and make your appointments! The app allows you to see your partners’ profiles, directly chat, set meeting time with them.

Registration for B2B Matchmaking Zone will be open 2 – 3 weeks before the event. We’ll let you know!

For further assistance on B2B Matchmaking please contact:  Ms. Trang Bui, CEO BHub Group, Mobile: (+84) 906 272 575 – Email: trang.bui@bhubgroup.com